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Mardi Gras Morning 2008

Set-up for the parades

I drove down Napoleon several hours before the Mardi Gras parades started.

Yes, that is living room furniture lining the parade route. People here take their parades very seriously.

What's with the ladders?

The ones with milk crates on the top with one side cut out are for kids. The other ones are for big kids who are really into getting beads.

Note two things:

1. This is HOURS before the parade starts. The actual crowd was much, much bigger.

2. These parades are family and community events. Don't buy the negative mass media BS about New Orleans.

New Orleans is the last real American city. No malls. No Disney-fied entertainment. Strong communities. Lots of family owned businesses. Just the kind of place Corporate Amerika would like to eradicate.

Shot with a $95 Pure Digital video camera while driving my car. (Not something I recommend doing at home!)

The car radio provided the sound track - "Do Whatcha Wanna" by the Rebirth Brass band, I believe.

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