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"New Orleans Exposed"

Featuring leading NOLA rap artists
Juvenile & Soulja Slim

Real guerrilla filmmaking

An incredibly real look at what poor educational standards, a weak local economy and an overflow of guns have done in the housing projects of New Orleans.

"With an overflow of guns and an easy access to them, a murder wave was created across the Crescent City but who was responsible? And where does it all begin?

"Let's be clear. Smith & Wesson, Glock, Colt 45, Winchester, I'm still looking for their factories in the give me fifty dollars and come back tomorrow and I'll give you a gun...Where do them guns come from? And how is it that you can get a gun here in the ghetto and you can buy alcohol and cigarettes faster than you can get a book?"

- Kalamu ya Salaam, Poet
from "New Orleans Exposed"

From the liner notes of the DVD:

Enter the world of New Orleans. No, not the French Quarter or Mardi Gras, but the the gritty urban life that is lived in New Orleans' many projects. The harsh reality of the inner city is exposed; drugs, guns, corruption, food, music, culture. This is the Big Easy as you've never seen it before. Features Juvenile, Sqad Up, B.G., 5th Ward Weebie, Tribute To Soulja Slim and more.

Visit Caliope Projects, home of Master P, and see the life of Desire Projects, Magnolia, and St Bernard.

N.O.X. takes you though a city that once held the crown of the murder capital of America.

Release Date: May 17, 2005
Running Time:
Produced: 2 Mindz Productions
Directed: Dawayne Morgan

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