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How you can help

Thank you for even thinking about helping!

We expect that one of these years, this site will be self-supporting, but until then it is a gaping financial hole.

If you're moved to help on the dollars side, that's great. We'll take it and spend 100% of what you contribute on the site. We can take PayPal. (Click Here To Donate Via Paypal)

You can also help a lot just by visiting the site, using it often, and telling your friends about it.

The third way you can help is to volunteer your labor.

Our needs are very specific.

We're looking for literate, ultra-reliable lovers of New Orleans music who have basic research skills and can write, follow directions and take ten minutes to learn a very simple web publishing platform.

Because we can't afford to be in the baby sitting business, ultra-reliable is the most important trait we're looking for. Also, we need folks who already have well developed skills as we are not in a position to train.

Finally. we're looking for people who can commit at least one hour a week every week to the project.

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