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Media notes

Food Music Justice is a first for New Orleans, for the music industry, for the Internet and for the history of publishing itself.

Currently, there is no central online clearinghouse for video information about New Orleans (or any other city or location for that matter.)

The idea of creating specialized directories for online video is very new and this new medium addresses one of the biggest problems in online video: how to find what you're looking for.

For anyone looking for video about New Orleans, especially in the areas of food, music or social justice, this site makes it easy. (The current version of the site is a public work in progress. When Phase One is complete it will have thousands of videos on it.)

The platform

The technical platform for Food Music Justice is a unique fusion of the best of Google and Yahoo: clean, clear search engine design with a traditional, easy-to-use directory option as well.

On the promotional side, the platform incorporates well established direct marketing principles with practical applications of recent web 2.0 innovations.

On the publishing side, page creation, content management and tracking is extremely easy. A site of thousands of pages can be created and managed with nothing more than basic point and click skills.

The producer

The producer of the site and designer of the software that runs it, Ken McCarthy, is a social activist and entrepreneur who was one of the original pioneers of the movement to democratize the use of Internet technology for publishing, small business and the arts.

His innovations in the Internet field have been as profound and far reaching as the contributions of New Orleans musicians to American music. You can read his bio on

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